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    Specializing in the origination of private money loans in Tampa, BridgeWell Capital is a mortgage financial institution that lends capital for your real estate investment needs. We are a direct source of private capital, there is no middleman, hidden fees or small print — only fair pricing, easy and honest terms. We fund private money loans in the city of Tampa beginning from to , and our closing process can last up to days, but it’s typically less. So, if you are interested in getting funds for the procurement and rehabilitation of a real estate investment property and you are looking to rent it or sell it, make certain to contact BridgeWell Capital at 813-344-5050 or head over to our website at www.bridgewellatm.com.

    You may also want to take a few minutes to see this video talking more about BridgeWell Capital.

    Use the Power of Private Money

    Professional real estate investors understand that money makes money, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be all your money. With private money, you will find the fastest and simplest approach to find a loan for your real estate investment properties. While conventional banks have a turnaround of weeks, need excessive documentation and qualifications to fund a loan, BridgeWell Capital can bring you the cash in just a few days. There is no income verification or credit check to approve your loan; an adequate purchase, a valuable property and your capabilities to be successful is all we are concerned about.

    Never Loose a Deal Again

    With private money, never will you loose a deal again. Having the cash available, you can even make all-cash offers to your sellers, get best deals and blow away your competition. You will be in business in a matter of days .

    So, it doesn’t matter if your approach is to buy-fix-sell, or buy-fix-rent, you can benefit from our private money loans program. There are no prepayment penalties and you have unlimited options to renew your loan; so you may either sell your property or use it for rental.

    To find more information about the terms of our private money loans go to www.bridgewellatm.com or call us at

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